Why scientists and engineers don’t go into politics

Science vs. Law (via Reddit): The reason that scientists and engineers don’t go into politics: S&Es find it, deeply frustrating to deal with people who are lying, know they are lying, and do not give a shit. Further, they find it deeply, deeply frustrating to work in a field that does not rely upon evidenced based thinking, but relies upon emotional persuasion and the systematic abuse of the irrational behaviorism of the crowds.

To make a counterpoint to you, lawyers 100% do not think that law is truth. They actively know that law has nothing to do with truth and simply do not give a fuck, because they are not rewarded for being right, they are rewarded for convincing a jury of 12 idiots. This is a skill set that much, much more directly translates into getting elected — convincing a bunch of people who know virtually nothing about the underlying subject matter using the arts of persuasion and rhetoric — than it has to do with the scientific process, which concerns persuading highly trained experts with rigorous, reproducible experimentation and objectively verifiable data.

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